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{Active} 2500+ WhatsApp Group Link With Joining Method 2020 [Updated]

WhatsApp Group Link: We all know that WhatsApp is the trending social media chat application and it is the most popular application in the world. In some year ago Facebook is much popular but in today’s time, WhatsApp replaced its popularity. However, Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg had owned WhatsApp as he shows the future of the WhatsApp is good. Many people really like to add into trending groups through WhatsApp invite link to get updated with the latest viral things.

WhatsApp Group Link

There are too many groups available to join for free on google. I will also share some best category wise WhatsApp group link if you want to join for free at the end of this article.

About WhatsApp Group Link

If you have created the best group and dedicated to sharing something interesting facts, news and funny jokes or any other things which make people get interested then you can also start your WhatsApp group and you can invite unlimited people to join your group for free and you can make the large group.

To invite people to join your WhatsApp group you have to share your WhatsApp group invite link. By using this WhatsApp group link they can directly join to your WhatsApp group.

There is some example of the WhatsApp group invite link like “WhatsApp Group Link 18+ America” “News Group Link” and many others. By joining this WhatsApp group invite link you can get the best WhatsApp group and get the things whatever you need to be get updated. WhatsApp groups are the best way to stay connected to your friends. That is why you can see everyone people like a student, professionals, old people, girls, every age of the people have joined through WhatsApp group to their relatives and friends.

Before WhatsApp come into the market, there were broadcast message system used to share information to bulk people. But it was a very costly method. But after WhatsApp caught the market, to spread the message to the bulk user is being so easy that by only one click you can send your information to the many users who already joined in the WhatsApp group.  As there are few securities you can directly join the WhatsApp group through Join link without any permission. It doesn’t require any permission if you have direct WhatsApp group Invite link.

Steps to Join WhatsApp group using WhatsApp Group Link

If you ever get the WhatsApp group invite link then you should know the method how to join that WhatsApp group through WhatsApp group invite link. If so, then please follow the simple steps given below:

  • Step 1: if you did not get any WhatsApp group link then you can get it on google by searching “WhatsApp group link” in the search bar. There you will get too many WhatsApp group invite link globally.
  • Step 2: Then you have to directly click on that link and it will redirect you to choose the app in which you want to open the link. At that time, you have to choose the WhatsApp.
  • Step 3: Then you will be given 2 option “cancel” or “Join”. You can also see the group icon and the total number of members connected in that group. If you interested in that group then you have to select the “Join” option.
  • Step 4: In the next step you will see that you are just connected to this group. Now you can see the whole list of the member who is connected to that group and information. You can also check who are the admins of that group. But you can not see the earlier massages. From the next second, you can see all the messages and stuff posted in that group.

One thing of notice is that in some WhatsApp group, you are not given rights to send messages in that group but still you can read the messages. This features normally used to stop unwanted messages from all member. Only admins have the rights to send messages and posts in the group to save their group safe from unwanted and spamming messages.

Best WhatsApp Group Invite Link 

There are too many categories of the WhatsApp group like fun, adult, movies, sports, technology, blogging, etc. Here in this article, I am going to share you few WhatsApp group invite links to get started from here.

#1. Funny WhatsApp Group

Funny WhatsApp Group

In that category of WhatsApp group, you will get groups who are sharing funny jokes, funny shayaries, funny memes on a daily basis. Many people like to share funny stuff like salaries, jokes, and memes then by joining this type of WhatsApp group you can get daily stuff and also you can share that to your friends and family member to entertain them also.

#2. Adult WhatsApp Group Links (18+)

If you are above 18 years old and if you are interested to read adult jokes and memes and other adult stuff then you will like to join this type of WhatsApp group. Many people used to watch some adult movies and TV series. So, in this type of WhatsApp groups their admin’s updates in their groups on a daily basis.

#3. PUBG WhatsApp Groups Links

PUBG WhatsApp Groups Links

As all, you know that PUBG is the most popular game everywhere nowadays. If you did not play the PUBG Game till now, then what are you waiting for now? Download it now and start play PUBG. Here are some Pubg groups invite links.

#4. GK Study WhatsApp Groups

This group is mostly for the student who still preparing for the government exams and wants to join some study WhatsApp group link then here I listed 40+ study group links. 🙂

Here all the study group link that is beneficial for all the students out there. On those groups, you will get the Study material,  Syllabus,  results, etc. So join now. 🙂

#5. Hacking WhatsApp Groups Link

If you are interested in hacking and want to learn to hack. Here I listed some best hacking group links where you can lead hacking and update from the hacking worlds. 🙂

Here all the hacking related WhatsApp group where you have to join if you want to learn to hack.

#6. Deals & Loots WhatsApp Group

If you want to earn money online then there are too many WhatsApp group running on Google. In this type of group WhatsApp group admins usually like to share deals and loot trick to earn unlimited money from that android applications.

Also, their daily update trick to earn money online and how to make this for an unlimited time. In today’s competitive market many online shopping sites giving best discount offers to sell their products online but many people don’t have time to stay updated to that and don’t have enough time to get updated with them.

To solve this problem many WhatsApp group admins searches for the best deals available on that shopping sites and they share in their WhatsApp group for their users. So here I am going to share a few WhatsApp group link related t deals and loot trick. If you are interested then you can join through that link.

#7. Hindi Shayari WhatsApp Groups 

Are you like Shayari?  Love to read Shayari and share with your friends and girlfriends?  If yes then here I listed the best Hindi Shayari WhatsApp groups links and that’s group update on daily basis. 😌

#8. Cricket Whatsapp Group Link

Are you a cricket over? if yes then here I have some best cricket group links for you where you can chat with cricket lovers update with cricket news and scores.

#9. Politics WhatsApp Group

Are you interested in politics? if yes then here is some WhatsApp groups that you can join now. In those groups, you always update the news of politics and all. The group is always active.

#10. Movies WhatsApp Groups Link

If you are a true movie lover then here is the best collection of WhatsApp group in which free movie downloading links providing on a daily basis. Many people trying to find movies on google but due to some anxious advertising they not able to download those movies easily. So, if you don’t want to waste your time to search for movies on google then you should join this type of group.

We all love to watch movies but due to busy at work we can’t go to the theatre to watch movies. so here are some group where you watch the newly released movie immediately.

All the group that listed here all are active group and when any new movies released you will get the download link within 1 day so you can download and watch the movie without going to the theater.

#11. Android Tricks WhatsApp Group

In this modern world, we all are the user of android but we don’t know many things that we do it with androids phones if you want to knows the best tricks tips of android then do join the below-listed group where daily many tricks tips share.

#12. Football WhatsApp Groups

Are You hug  Lover of football or Fan? if yes then here are some football group list for you where you get all your Football updates on a daily basis

#13. Technology WhatsApp Group Link

There are many people who want to stay updated with newly launched technology. They always want to upgrade their knowledge about technology. Here I have shared some technology-based WhatsApp group link

for our readers so that they join this type of WhatsApp group. So, if you need to get updated with new technology news then you can directly join by given WhatsApp group invite link.

#14. Blogging Tips and Tricks Group Link

If you are a blogger or a digital marketer and if you want to stay updated with the latest news about blogging tips and tricks then this type of WhatsApp groups is mandatory to be joined by you. In this type of group admins and all users posting about the Google latest updates and tricks to get rank your site, SEO, backlinks services and many other kinds of stuff to their user.

Here you can find the latest tips and tricks. If you are a beginner in the blogging world and wants to know what is SEO then here is the best platform to learn new things about blogging. Here below I have shared some of the best blogging WhatsApp group invite links that should be joined by you if you are new in the digital marketing world.

Steps to Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link

if you have a WhatsApp group and you are posting good stuff daily, and if you want to get more use of that group then you have to know how to create the WhatsApp group link.  If so then you have to follow below steps to know how to create WhatsApp group invite link.

whatsapp group invite link

  1. First of all, you have to make the WhatsApp group if you have done to have or if you have already then you must be admin of that group to create WhatsApp group invite link.
  2. After getting ready WhatsApp group, open that WhatsApp group. And at the right-side upper corner, you can see the 3(dot) to open the drop-down list as shown in the above image.
  3. In that drop-down list, you will see the first option “group info”. Click on that option. It will open the list of the connected user list.

group link

  1. As you can see in the above image you will find the option “Invite Via Link”. If you click on that option you will get the option to copy the WhatsApp group invite link as shown in the image.
  2. Now using this link, you can invite many people by sharing it to social media.

Now the question is how to join through this WhatsApp group link to the WhatsApp group. So here are the steps to know how to joint WhatsApp group through WhatsApp group link.

Submit Your WhatsApp Group Link

If you have your own WhatsApp group or you know some best WhatsApp groups then submit that group links through our form, then we listing your WhatsApp group link in our Suitable category.

Submit WhatsApp Group Link


As per my knowledge, surely you get some ideas and best WhatsApp group related to your need in this article. Also, now you aware about what is WhatsApp group invite link and how to create it or how to join WhatsApp group through WhatsApp invite link. There is too many WhatsApp group about the current affair, latest news, technology etc that you should join to stay updated with the current scenario.

As we all know WhatsApp is becoming the best social media point of attraction so hopefully you get a clear idea to join WhatsApp group through WhatsApp group link.

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