Origin and formation history of 侗台 language (part 2)

After nearly 50 years of investigation and research, ethnic minority language workers across the country have basically envisioned the current situation of the Dong Dai language at home and abroad. Their classification has also become increasingly important. should be more complete and the classification status is listed in the following table.
DONG DAI (侗台) divides into four branches including:
* The DAI (Tai-台) language includes: Domestic has Zhuang(壯), Bo Y(布依), Thai(傣,) Lam Cao(臨高). Foreign countries have Thai, Lao(老挝), Dan (撣- Burma), Shijia(石家), Tho(土), Nung(儂), Tay(岱), Tai Den(黑泰), Thai Trang(白泰), Khamti (坎梯).. .
*The branch of Dong Thuy (侗水,KamSui) includes: Dong(侗), Mu Lao(仫佬), Shui(水), Mao Nam(毛南), Mac(莫), Pu kam(佯黃), Lakkja( ), Tieu (标)
*Le branch (黎 Li, Hlai) includes: Le(黎), Cun (村)
*Yu Yuong (仡央) branch includes: Yi Lao (仡佬, Klau), Luo Zhi(拉基), Pu Peo(普標), Bo Yang(布央), La Ha(拉哈)
Language, humanities, history and other facts prove that the ancestors of the long-dwelling Dong Dai group thrived in Guangxi and southeastern Yunnan, southern Guizhou, western Guangdong, then Due to the war and looking for more suitable areas they migrated to Hainan Island, northern Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and India.
There have been studies on the Dong-Taiwan group in general, especially from the extent of its relationship with the Bach Viet group and the Austronesian group. According to the study, historically large areas from the coast of Southeast China to the Indochinese peninsula, to the south of the Southeast Asian islands, and east to the vast area of ​​the Pacific Rim island chain have traces of this language group. Dong Dai language is an important part of not only the core of the Bach Viet language group, but also the most direct successor of Bach Viet. (Dong Dai = Daic, not Dai or Tai)
The concept of Ethnic Dong Dai (侗台語民族) outside of China is called Dai-Kadai, or Daic. Dai (台) here is not related to Taiwan (台湾) but is just a transliteration of Tai or Thai. This principle is stated by Ly Phuong Que, at first from the perspective of family language, he created two concepts “Taiyu -台语” and “Dong Dai language-侗台语” and the group “Dong Dai language ethnic group”. ” is the same meaning.

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