Origin and formation history of 侗台 language (part 1)

The results of genetic testing of the ancient Luong Chu people show that the SNP haplotypes of the ancestors of the Luong Chu culture are mainly O1-M119 and M95. According to the anthropological report of the Liang Chu people published by Fudan University, scholars believe that the Luong Chu ancestors belonged to Southeast Asia (South Asia) and the Malay Archipelago (Southern Island). And form the new group of pre-Kra Dai.
DONG DAI language ethnic group ( )
In Southeast Asia and the Central South of the Peninsula (also known as the Indochina peninsula), starting from southwestern Guangdong and eastern Hainan China, to the San State of Burma (also known as Myanmar) and the state of Assam of India, to the Jinsha River on the border of Sichuan and Yunnan, southern Thailand, and central Peninsular Malaysia have about 30 languages. However, the phonetic structure of this group of languages ​​is similar, many words are homologous, this language group has close similarities.
Some scholars and missionaries in Europe and the United States were the first to notice the closeness of these languages ​​and the kinship of the peoples involved. In the 19th century, the Englishman ARColquhoun (柯奎翁) set out from Guangdong province to Demandalay in Myanmar to conduct a survey and write a book “At Dan Toc Trung-在撣族中”, (Dan is the name of an ancient ethnic minority, in Burma) The book’s content is about his experiences along the way, saying that all the places he went through were inhabited by Thai people.
In 1823, the American priest Mr. Wick Dude compared the Zhuang language in a Guangxi Ba Ning village (廣西 琶寧) with the Thai language in his book “The Tai Race”, finding that the dialect has many words similar to Thai.
Chinese linguist Mr. Ly Phuong Que has extensively researched Zhuang, Thai, Dong and Thuy languages ​​to foreign languages ​​such as Thai, Black Thai, and White Thai. And he named this group of languages ​​”Dong Dai Language Tribe-侗台語族”. At that time, he did not classify the Li language (黎) in the “Dong Dai language group.
In 1954, Ly Phuong Que and Fu Yu Chi grouped this language into three branches: Zhuang Tai (壯傣), Dong Shui (侗水), and Le (黎).

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