Technical analysis of the kanji character set (2)

In life, many things look like that but are not, the kanji is the same as many characters that look like this set, but in fact, it’s not like that. For example, 朔and 望.
In dictionaries and dictionaries such as “Xinhua Dictionary” and “Modern Chinese Dictionary, humiliation肉 means meat, and is often used to combine words that imply the body, Parts, food.Bo Nguyet means the moon, the lunar cycle is 29-30 days, so the moon is also used to refer to the month, used to combine words that imply weather and nature, Nguyet also uses it. to refer to you or friendship.
In Chinese characters, there are many characters with the origin of the Nguyet set. However, if we look closely at the meanings of most of the words here, we will see that they have nothing to do with the moon, such as muscles, liver, lungs, thighs, chest, belly, back, kidney, scorpion, fetus… If you want to look up these dictionaries “Kang Hy dictionary” ..and other dictionaries if you look up “Xu Nguyen”, most need Humiliation to find them. That is to say, nowadays the typefaces with the Nguyet set must be the Nuoc set.
Why are the words Nguyet and Nhuan identified so similarly?
Judging from the seal body and earlier, the meaning and shape are consistent, after the seal body, the meaning and shape are relatively separate. Coincidentally, the Wu sounds of these two sets are the same, both saying ioʔ1 .
So to understand the meaning and shape of a word, let’s consider at least the seal form of the word. Bo Hum and Nguyet are both hieroglyphic characters, one like the moon, the other like a piece of meat. The difference between Trieu when turning into Le is that the circle turns into a square, which can be written quickly and easily standardized, suitable for practical needs such as writing official documents. When Le and Khai were formalized, the spellings of Nhu and Nguyet were distinguished. However, when the humiliation is used as a part of the character, especially the root, the part in the cell looks like two ribs (like 仌) that are very difficult to bend. (This is where I need to explain a bit more clearly, that is, in the past when books were printed, people used Wood Ban in ancient times. They carved words on wooden blocks and then applied ink to print on paper. Therefore, engraving the character 仌 was very difficult to bend. curved). So it becomes two horizontal lines so it is no different from Nguyet. Only some characters have upper and lower structure, the meat on the lower part and the upper part are wider, keeping the original shape of the humiliation, such as 脔 (Meat cut into pieces) ….
Thus, in today’s Chinese characters, including “月” constituting up to three types of characters: the few are actually related to the Nguyet, most are related to the Hum, and some are written like the Nguyet. .
Words related to the Moon series:
There are not many characters associated with the Moon series, today only about 10 characters are used 明、朗;朦胧;朔、望;朏、朓;有、期
Words related to the humiliation have the 朔set in disguise: ;朏、朓;有、期

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